Thematic sessions

Thematic Sessions 

The complete program of each thematic session with the schedule of oral presentations is available below. We invite you to check the conference rooms on the general program.

 Last update: December 5th, 2019 at 2.00 pm.

 You can download here the list of the sessions keywords and the program of each thematic sessions.


 SFNano & C'Nano common sessions 

Nanochemistry: synthesis & functionalization of nanosystems for bioapplications

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Nano-objects in biological fluids: from detection of endogenous vesicles to nanotoxicity of exogenous nanoparticles

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Nano for imaging, diagnosis & theranostics

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SFNano specific sessions 

Nanoparticles & targeting

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Bio-inspired nanosystems

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Nanoscience for Cancer

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C'Nano specific sessions 

Nanophotonics & nano-optics (tuesday and wednesday)

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Nanomaterials (tuesday and thursday)

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Surface, interface & nanoconfinement (wednesday and thursday)

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Solar energy

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Nanoplastics & Nanocomposites

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Nanosafer by design

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SFNano - C'Nano Young Researchers session

Young Researchers flash presentations

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 Photo Credit: Christophe FINOT - Place Darcy and Porte Guillaume in Dijon

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