The SFNano - C'Nano joint Meeting 2019 is organized by C'Nano, the French National Competency Cluster in Nanoscience of CNRS, and SFNano, the French learned Society in Nanomedicine. C'Nano and SFNano boards are described below. 


C'Nano is a CNRS service unit which has the mission to gather and federate within a national network, the scientific community displaying research activities in all fields of nanoscience. it promotes research, education and innovation in nanoscience through various actions and events towards academic and industrial scientists as well as students and large public. C'Nano board is composed as follows:

Director: Corinne CHANEAC, Professeur at Sorbonne University

Scientific & Administrative Coordinator: Julie CARIMALO, CNRS Research Engineer

Administrative & Financial Assistant: Christophe DECILAP, CNRS Technician

Communication: Marieke MOREL, CNRS Engineer

Prospective: Nils BALGOBIN, CNRS Engineer

C'Nano scientific steering committee: 

  • East board: Nadine MILLOT, Professor at University of Bourgogne & Michel VERGNAT, Professor at University of Lorraine
  • Ile-de-France board: Corinne CHANEAC, Professor at Sorbonne University & Juan Ariel LEVENSON, CNRS Research Director
  • Great South Western board: Xavier BOUJU, CNRS Research Director & Yannick GUARI, CNRS Research Director 
  • North Western board: Jean-Luc DUVAIL, Professor at University of Nantes & Fabienne GAUFFRE, CNRS Research Director
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes board: Anthony AYARI, CNRS Senior Research Scientist & Bruno MASENELLI, Professor at INSA Lyon
  • Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur board: Nicolas BONOD, CNRS Research Director & Lionel SANTINACCI, CNRS Senior Research Scientist



SFNano is a French learned society and a non lucrative association whose objectives are to favour progress and knowledge diffusion in the Nanomedicine fieldFor these purposes, SFNano organizes seminars, workshops and discussions in order to favour a french network, and broader, in collaboration with european nanomedicine societies. The SFNano board is composed as follows:

President: Nathalie MIGNET, CNRS Research Director

Vice-President: Jean-Luc COLL, INSERM Research Director

Secretary: Marie-Pierre ROLS, CNRS Research Director

Treasurer: Sylvie BEGU, Associate Professor at University of Montpellier

Deputy Treasurer: Ariane BOUDIER, Associate Professor at University of Lorraine

Communication: Elisabeth GARANGER, CNRS Senor Research Scientist and Didier HOARAU, Associate Director R&D at Chemo

Communication & Interaction with the SFNano young researchers network: Lucie SANCEY, CNRS Senior Research Scientist

International partnership: Amanda ANDRIOLA SILVA (BRUN), CNRS Senior Research Scientist & Chantal PICHON, Professor at Orleans University

Industrial Partnership: Tsiala BENARD, SANOFI

Sponsoring: Nicolas TSAPIS, CNRS Research Director

Scientific watch on nucleic acid delivery: Bernard LEBLEU, Professeur at University of Montpellier


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